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Online gambling license belize

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Online gambling license belize paradisus punta cana casino games

Initial Evaluation, if the applicant is fit and proper to apply. We welcome the opportunity to provide these services to companies who provide gambling software.

All applicants must furnish a certificate that in the past 10 years they have not been convicted for: It is possible to make your online gaming business without a license, but most of major online casinos have license. Fill out the form below and our manager will contact You. They are as follows:. International Licenses O ur law licene - i. Only companies with a proven track record in gaming, of reputable standing and with a realistic business plan can be granted gambling licenses.

Online gambling was first regulated in Belize by the Computer Wagering Licensing Act in Two types of online gambling licenses are issued: “normal”. Businessman willing to launch online casino doesn't need several licenses to manage various gambling types. In Belize one kind of gaming license includes all. DHS Holding Co granted online gaming license. Government of Belize certified that DHS Belize Limited approved to operate an online gaming business.

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